Median UI Blogger Template Customization Features & Problems

Hello viewers, today I am going to talk about an amazing blogger template. It has a simple and unique UI design that provides you a great customer experience. Median Ui is a most UI customized blogger template that can,t be possible in the blogger dashboard. I am totally impressed with the Median UI design. It comes with it amazing documentation so the user can easily understand and customize his site in its own design. I really loved that feature and unique design so I buy this template before I purchase the template I read the documentation and contact the developer on WhatsApp to get more information about that template.


Median UI v1.5 Blogger Template Full Customization Features & Problems and his solutions.

In this blog, you know everything about the Median UI blogger template. Like, How to buy this theme. How to customize it in own design. How was its customer support system? How is its documentation? We discuss the all features of the Median UI blogger template. And we talk about it common issue and problems, how to solve these problems and last what is my opinion about on the Median UI v1.5 blogger template.

Without going to more time waist let's talk about its amazing features.

Median UI 1.5 Features

  • Responsive
  • One-click dark mode
  • SEO Friendly
  • Easy to customizable
  • Full Ads responsive
  • Fast loaded
  • Unique design
  • SVG Icon supported
  • Custom Widget
  • Beautiful Menu
  • Detailed documentation
  • Trendy UI Design elements
  • 99% GTmetrix Web-speed test
  • Beautiful social media icons
  • Neo Morphism effects in UI
  • Amazing share functionality
  • Downloading & Demo Buttons
  • Spit post Feature
  • Tab Post Feature
  • Syntax Hylighter supported
  • Automatic Table of Content
  • Lazyload Screen supported
  • Lazy Youtube
  • Rich Post Break
  • Incredible comment section
  • Blockquote supported
  • Responsive Product Table
  • Show hide Buttons
  • Post-Reference
  • Best ❤️ Customer care support



This blogger template design is very responsive on every device. It has a beautiful and responsive menu that changes according to the device. In the layout mode, you see two menus one for the desktop version and the other for the mobile version. When you surfing the site on the desktop the mobile navigation menu is completely hidden. It is only seen in the mobile version.

One-click dark mode


Median UI has a very responsive one-click dark mode functionality which changes your website completely in a dark theme. It very intelligently represents this functionality. I mean it includes those parts which are necessary to be included and it excludes those parts that should be excluded as dark.

SVG Icons


SVG icons support gave an edge to this theme. It provides you every necessary icon in the documentation which use normal user. It has a nice and pretty-looking SVG icons pack so as per your need you customized your website in your own style.



It loads very fast on every single device and web page speed is a very important matrix for SEO. It got 99% speed in GTmetrix web speed tester. It has very good speed in the amp version.

Menu Section


Median UI has one of the best menu sections which I have ever seen. Especially I linked the mobile navigation menu. Which looks like an app or a professional website. It has a nice and features a full menu, in this menu, you can able to add SVG icons as per your need. It has a very nice feature that makes your menu even more batter, that is a free and new tag. You can add FREE! and NEW! tags in any section.

24x7 Support


One of the main reasons is I purchased this theme because of its amazing and very helpful support system. Before this theme, I used OmViral templates and it has some issues so contact the team on WhatsApp and I sent more than 10 massages and I wait for more than a weak but they did not reply to me. In this theme before buying this theme, I want to contact the team on WhatsApp, so I can get more ideas about this template support system. I talk many questions to related the and I was surprised I got relyed on 30 minutes of each and every question. I loved the support system very much. I am sharing with you my WhatsApp chat so you can better understand.

Median UI Documentation

It has nice documentation in a readable format. Median UI documentation includes most of the thing which really needs it. It has all proper step-by-step tutorials with images so you can easily understand. If you compare the Median UI blogger template documentation to any blogger template which you get it in under 15 dollars. Then you realized that it has amazing documentation. But it missed some common problems which problem I faced during using this template.

How to buy the Median UI blogger template officially?

Let,s talk about, how to buy the Median Ui blogger template, step by step.


First, type median UI blogger template and search on google and got to this and first change the language to in English and click on the buy this theme button. Now you see a pop box, there you only see PayPal for the payment.


If want to buy this theme officially then you to PayPal for the payment. In India, there are many users,s that do not have a PayPal account. So if you have a PayPal account then no problem you will be able to the payment. This process is for those people that do not have a Paypal account or he used PayPal for the first time. Creating a Paypal account is very easy but there is a problem for Indians that you have a debit card that supports the international transaction. If you have any bank debit card that supports international transactions that's great for those people. If you did not have any such type of card then how do you arrange the card? Let,s talk about it so first you have a Paytm Account with Full KYC.

1st step opens the Paytm app and go to the payment bank and click on the debit card image.

2nd step click to manage card and go to the card payment setting and on the online payment and international usage if it is off.

3rd step downloads the Paypal app or go to the PayPal site and click on the signup button fill in the detail add the debit card and you are ready for the payment.

The final step goes to and click on to buy this theme and click on Paypal as a payment method and click on the send money and enter the amount{which is now 13 doller} and click to send.

When the payment is done please take a screenshot so you send it to the payment proof. For sending this payment proof back to and click to buy this theme and click on the already made a payment and you see a form now fill the form and make sure please enter right email address because you got the theme on the same email which you entered. Now click on the proof of payment and select the screenshot of the transaction and click on the submit button. Please wait for 24 hours I received this theme in just one hour.

Median UI common problem:

Median UI --> That Showed at top of the webpage:

The code --> is unusual and you want to remove that code from your web page please follow these steps:

Please go to the blogger dashboard and click on edit on HTML button and then search for closing head tag {</head>} and remove this extra line --&gt;&lt;/head&gt; Now save the template and reload on the browsers now did not see --> code in your webpage.

Please enable Paypal two-factor authentication If it is not on, because If it is off then unfortunately If any person got your email and password then he gets a direct payment without know you any massage. So please be sure that your Paypal account has two-factor authentication on it.

My Opinion

The Median UI blogger template is a little bit hard to customize it and I suggest you If you are a beginner then you should wait for the next update because in this update the lots of customization part is by manually update. If really want to use this theme and you are a beginner then it takes lots of time to edit this template.

Please do not use the Median UI blogger template without purchasing it because If your blog becomes successful and popular and then the owner of the theme is a strike on you. Then your hard work will be failed.


If you like my article then please tell me in the comment section, and If you facing some problem regarding the Median UI blogger template then please contact me for solved other problems I will really be happy.