Top 10 Best Hindi high traffic & earning Blogs in India 2021

Top 10 Hindi Blogs in india

Top 10 Best Hindi Blogs in India which earns 1000,s dollars per Month.


If you want to know about Top Best Hindi Blog, then let me tell you that my topic for today is this Best Hindi Blog List because whenever someone wants to start blogging, this is the first thought that comes to mind. I will tell the answers to all these questions who are the Top Best Hindi Blogs and how are they made.

Despite having excellent knowledge of English, many people like to read in Hindi; in such a situation, they must be aware of the best blogs of Hindi. Yes, it is true that before 2014 the Hindi language on Google I used to read very little. Still, after 2014, the expansion of Hindi on the internet kept increasing. Today many bloggers earn lakhs of rupees in a month.

If seen on the internet, you will find many Hindi best blogs. Still, here we have told about the blogs of bloggers whose blogs are visited by thousands of people every day, and they also earn lakhs through their blogging. Here we will speak about the Best Hindi Blog List, which has been made keeping in mind the Alexa Rank.

In the Best Hindi Blog List, we have included the blogs of those bloggers whose Alexa Rank is the best. We have created this list using different mediums of the internet. You will find many essential factors in this list of Top Best Hindi Blogs. It will also tell you which theme is using in the particular blog. In this list, you can know about the blog,s DA score, and Alexa rank.

1. Gayni Pandit:

GyaniPandit was founded by "Mayur K" in 2014. He is working on his blog since September 2014. This blog provides you information about Career guides, Study material, Motivational Stories, Quotes, and Biographies in Hindi. is not just a website. It is a complete bundle of essential and helpful information that everyone wants to know. Getting all the necessary information in just one click is sporadic.'s design is the most user-friendly and straightforward. It has a beautiful interface, easy to operate the mechanism, and navigation. The language is understandable and clear.

Website Authority:

He gets all the information in the Hindi language also. Here you can find Hindi articles, career guides, biography, history, study material, and about all the subjects of your choice. Users can hardly find any information in Hindi on the internet. It makes us stand alone in this category. And we are proud of it.
We get all the information in the Hindi language also. Here you can find Hindi articles, career guides, biography, history, study material, and about all the subjects of your choice. Users can hardly find any information in Hindi on the internet. It makes us stand alone in this category. And we are proud of it.

2. Deepawali:

It is an all-in-one blog where you are given information on many topics. This blog has also played an essential role in making a large amount of content available on the internet in the Hindi language.

Website Authority:


Deepawali is a Hindi blogging website in which information is given on various topics. Our site is counted among the top 10 Hindi blogging sites in India. In Deepawali, data is written on life introduction, festivals, general knowledge, government schemes, poems, stories, and finance. On all these topics, our writers work hard to give all the information by doing research and prepare the content according to the interest and desire of their readers. Our blog has also played an exciting role in making a large amount of content available on the internet in the Hindi language, the credit of which goes to our writers who work day and night for us.

About Author/Founder:

Pawan Agrawal | Deepawali

Pawan Agrawal started his first job with Tata Consultancy Services(TCS). Pawan Agrawal still loves his first job. Even today, Pawan Agrawal keeps sharing his first job experience with his team member. After this, Pawan Agrawal did a job in Rolta, India, which Pawan Agrawal left in February 2014 for blogging. Today Pawan Agrawal is the Deepawali Hindi blogging site owner, and Pawan Agrawal has prepared a better employment platform for women through his blog. I am happy that he has tried to empower women by creating employment in the development of the country. And his efforts are continuing towards success. Today, Deepawali is managed by Pawan Agarwal and his team.

3. Techyukti:

The founder of the website is Satish Kushwaha Ji, which is a technical website. The primary purpose of this blog is to provide technical knowledge in Hindi to people, which is explained in straightforward language, and have a YouTube channel in the Hindi blogging world. There has been a lot of contribution related to blogging on youtube and his site.

Website Authority:


TechYukti.Com is a Hindi blog with detailed information about Phone Reviews, App reviews, Software reviews, Latest Technology, Android Phone Tips, Tricks, Smartphone Tips, Computer Tricks, Internet Tricks, Make Money Online, YouTube Tips in Hindi.

About Author/Founder:

TechYukti | Satish Kushwaha

Satish Kushwaha is a famous man in blogging. He runs a youtube channel called "Satish k videos," where he uploads blog reviews blogging related tips and tricks, and much more content related to blogging. Satish Kushwaha has done his Engineering in Computer Science in a Private College of Kanpur. He loves blogging about technology, Android & YouTube.

4. HindiMeHelp:

Hello, welcome to If you want to make your website, then know anything related to the internet like chat, earn money online, social networking, or any other internet-related solid you are on the right website.

As you have seen, the website's name helps (in Hindi), you must have come to the society, it is in the ware of the website, here internet information is shared in Hindi.

Website Authority:

HindiMeHelp-Website-AuthorityWill you be helped on every topic related to the internet on the website. These are some of the topics we share, How to earn online, How to gain from a website, Blogging, Youtube, Internet, News, Security Tips, Social Networking Sites Information, Mobile and Computer, and much more.

About Author/Founder:

HMH | Rohit Mewada JI

HMH is a very famous Hindi teach blog. Rohit Mewada Ji started this blog in 2014. HMH aims to help those friends who are in love with the internet or want to do something or want to do something on the internet. Still, they are unable to do anything due to weak English.

You learn about how to earn money online with Blogging, Mobile Tips, Computer Tips, Motivation, etc.

5. HindiMe:

The website is a technological blog. The goal of this website is to connect all people with technology. This blog is for those people who love technology, but they did not know English.

Website Authority:


In this blog, they write articles in pure Hindi to quickly understand what they are telling. We solve technical problems. It mainly covers the Latest News, Tech Articles, Product Reviews, Full Forms, Dictionaries, and Guides from Any Other Kinds of Gadgets and TechThings! They have an outstanding team of content writers, technical experts, and experts who always create quality content.

About Author/Founder:

HindiMe | Chandan JI tech blog was founded by Chandan Ji in February 2016. Through his blog, he gives complete information about technology in Hindi to the people and mainly keeps on giving information about new technological updates.

At the beginning of Hindi Me, it has been entirely presented as a question hub. Where you can also ask your questions, inquire, and get answers.

6. ShoutMeHindi:

ShoutMeHindi is a very famous Hindi blogging site. This blog has been created by our trendy Hindi blogger of India, Harsh Agrawal Ji. And on his blog provides information about WordPress, blogging, SEO, social media, new finance, and bitcoin.

Website Authority:


About ShoutMeHindi:

ShoutMehindi mainly focuses on Blogging, Make Money Online, SEO, Business Blogging, Social Media, WordPress, Affiliate Marketing, Web 2.0, Internet Tools, and Internet Marketing. We tell about the money aspect of blogging and how one can earn money from home by blogging.

About Author/Founder:

ShoutMeHindi | Harsh Agrawal

Let me formally introduce a famous blogger: His name is Harsh Agrawal, and He is passionate about technology and internet marketing. He has formally studied as an engineer, and now He is a blogger by profession. He has completed his primary education at Laxman Public School in 2004, and in 2008. He completed his engineering degree from Sharda University. Before becoming a professional blogger.

He used to work in Convergys in India. He was about to start his new job with Accenture when in April 2009, He decided to start his own business by becoming a professional blogger. Computers and technology have been his passion since childhood. He started his new venture by writing some blogs and articles on technology in many communities.

7. HindiTechGuru:

This is a very top Hindi blog site in Mixed Content Blog. Information will be available about a minimum of 50 – 60 categories from Computer to Mobile Software, Photoshop.

Website Authority:

HindiTechGuru-Website-AuthorityHe has been entirely successful in his plan; through this blog, many people have learned all the information He has given on this blog. He gets calls from many people and mail. Everyone has to say this, Thanks, sir. We got to learn a lot from your blog. Het's nice to hear such a thing from people's mouths.

About Author/Founder:

HindiTechGuru | Mayank Bhardwaj

My name is Mayank Bhardwaj, and He lives in Haridwar Uttarakhand. He has been associate with the world of blogging since 2009. His plan to create a blog was to store his information online and make his information accessible to all the people present online to reach such people who are entirely amateur in the computer world.

8. HindiSoch:

On this Hindi website of Pawan Kumar, who lives in Uttar Pradesh, you will get information about Hindi Story, Quotes, Motivation, Couplets, Health.

Website Authority:


HindiSoch aims to create awareness about Hindi among the people. Our mother tongue Hindi should not remain suppressed. HindiSoch's website has been designed to connect people with the Hindi language. We aim to bring positivity to people. Friends, Hindi thinking always tries to fill happiness in your life and will continue to do so. You read this website daily and learn from the stories of great men. May God makes you successful is the wish of this Hindi thinking.

About Author/Founder:

HindiSoch | Pawan Kumar

Pawan Kumar is the founder of HindiSoch. He is a resident of Bulandshahr (Uttar Pradesh). From the very beginning, He has had an interest in the Hindi language. He is from a middle-class family and works in a software company in Delhi, and Hindisoch is my part-time website. His dream is to become a great scientist like Newton, Einstein-like.

9. TechYatri:

Welcome to! On this website, TechYatri shares all the information related to technology with you. Here you will find solutions to all the problems associated with technology in Hindi! At

Website Authority:

He shares news like Latest Tech-News, Mobile / Smartphone & Tech Gadgets Reviews, Make Money, Digital Marketing, Reviews of Software / Apps in Hindi in straightforward language. Here He keeps sharing technology and beneficial internet and mobile/computer tricks & tips with you. It is the purpose of that every person of India should be connected to the internet and technology.

About Author/Founder:

TechYatri | Rahul Rajput

Rahul Rajput is the author and founder of, he loves to share his technical knowledge with people. He is also loves blogging and digital marketing.

10. SarkariHelp:

SarkariHelp is India's free short exam preparation-related study material providing a website loved by more than 10 lakh students across India. Lakhs of students have prepared themselves and selected through the notes available here, so you must know in detail about its fame.

Website Authority:

He started this in December 2016. In just two months, more than 10 thousand students became his readers. This journey continued and he became our readers in lakhs on You can get information and important updates related to important notifications related to SSC, Banking, Railway, Teaching, UPSC, Defense, and state-level examinations in Hindi medium from here.


Top 10 Best high traffic & earnings Hindi blogs list is based on blogs popularity or ranking and traffic and, Its random number list so please don,t thinks which blogs are on the No.1 position.
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