AdFoxly - Ads Manager Adsense Earning Booster WordPress Plugin


AdFoxly - Ads Manager Best Adsense Earning Booster WordPress Plugin Free Download.


Hello, viewers today we are talking about an ad manager WordPress plugin. By using that WordPress plugin you boost your AdSense earnings. Curious knowing about that plugin just read that article and you will boost your AdSense earning.

AdFoxly is an ad manager WordPress plugin for managing ads and his area (where you place the ads). It may work with ad networks like Google AdSense, Propeller ads,, Infolinks, Amazon, Adversal, and additional or for custom advertisers. Ads as WordPress device. place your ad (like image, gif, or code) in any default WordPress sidebars as you would like or anyplace else employing a straightforward default WordPress shortcut. Choose wherever you would like to show your ad. You'll be able to favor to show ads solely on mobile, solely on desktop, or both. Once the ad is visible on all devices.

AdFoxly Key Points:

Pre-defined Ad Places

  • Ad Before Post Content,
  • Ad when Post Content,
  • Ad within the Post Content,
  • In the middle of the post,
  • After a paragraph,
  • Sticky Ad
  • Sticky ad on rock bottom
  • Sticky ad on the highest
  • Sticky ad on the left
  • Sticky ad on the correct
  • Pop-up Ad

Supported Ads

  • Image Ads (png, jpg, gif)
  • Google AdSense

Configuration choices

  • sponsored, follow, and No-follow
  • a new tab or identical tab,

Create Ads Campaigns

  • no limit of ads in a very campaign
  • configure the utmost variety of clicks and views
  • set campaigns begin and finish date
  • select post or pages classes wherever ads mustn't be visible
  • select post or pages classes wherever ads ought to be accessible,
  • select post or pages tags wherever ads mustn't be visible

PRO options for Campaigns

  • defined countries wherever the ad is visible
  • days of the week once the ad are visible
  • specific hours once the ad is visible
  • max ad views per one user,

AdFoxly Feature Overview:

Ads varieties Format (you can choose the format of your ad):

Choose the sort of ad. Image, Video, Google AdSense, Amazon Ads, or even you've got custom JavaScript/HTML code from your customer? No downside. These square measures supported ad formats.

Autofill the fields:

You need to fill solely these fields, that you would like to fill. Banner title? No worries. AdFoxly can try to fetch all knowledge from the image. Simply place the image.

Ads Places (where you want to place the ads):

Choose one amongst many places that square measure selected for you and ditch any modification within the code. simply What You Click is What you would like. No additional creating by removal within the code.


Ads Campaigns:

Set your or your Ads supplier needs like specific posts, pages, categories, tags, countries, and more. One-click as per one distinctive user? No downside for AdFoxly.

Settings and different choices:

Place your Ads.txt into settings, and AdFoxly can save that file on your hosting. You wouldn’t like to any extent further plugins for that!
Paste your Facebook picture element if you would like to form ads on Facebook and re-target your guests. You don’t like to any extent further plugins for that!


The simplest AdFoxly - Ads Manager Adsense Earning Booster WordPress Plugin Free Download 2021. Create custom campaigns for individual publishers or place Google AdSense on your website–in exactly some clicks with AdFoxly. Internet magazines employ this plugin since 2013. currently, it’s accessible for everybody. Be happy to transfer. Then, mail ME if you would like any facilitate.

AdFoxly Adsense Earning Booster Plugin Free Download

First Ads Manager was created to be straightforward, useful, and delightful by those who work daily with Ads and on WordPress. You wouldn’t like an entire IT Team to manage ads. Save quite $732 per annum by using AdFoxly. AdFoxly offers you the foremost necessary options listed below. New options coming back before long.


If you want to install the plugin so just do simple two steps. 1st Just download the ZIP file from this site.


And 2nd Go to your WordPress Website Admin Panel. Click on “Plugins” on the right and “Add new” on the top in the next step. On the top right search type: “Adfoxly”. After that, you see the install button so click on the button “Install now” and wait for a few moments. And the last step just clicks on Activate plugin.



AdFoxly - Ads manager best Adsense earning booster WordPress plugin [2021] is totally free to use so. I think you should try this AdSense earning booster WordPress plugin at a time. You will be love that plugin. And if you did not like it, just removed that plugin.